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Compound fertilizer:
Urea-base Compound Fertilizer


Ureido compound fertilizer
By adopting the domestic most advanced urine slurry spraying pelletizing technology and microcomputer proportioning, Haolida Company adds the imported potassium fertilizer, homemade monoammonium and many kinds of medium and micro elements, for example, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc, boron, manganese, copper, etc on the basis of ureido production and promotes the high nitrogen type compound fertilizer which containing nitrogen 32, 28, 26, 24, 20. This product has smooth and nice granule, good water-solubility. Its main characteristics include as follows: 1. High nutrient concentration, save labor and time. 2. Scientific formula, balance the fertilization, it is very economical, can improve the utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphor and potassium. 3. Improve quality, for the cereal crops, it can increase high quality protein and vitamin content, for the vegetables, it can make them with better color, looking and taste. It can advance the maturing stage and the fruits can increase the sugariness obviously. 4. Increase the output. 5. Benefit the soil.

Sulfur compound fertilizer
High nitrogen, high phosphorus and high potassium type sulfur compound fertilizer is another great breakthrough in the traditional sulfur compound fertilizer formula of Haolida company. Sulfur compound fertilizer is a kind of new type and multielement high efficiency compound fertilizer. It has very obvious function of increasing production. It can satisfy the crops' demand towards nutrients, enhance the crops output and improve product quality.
Because in the product, the chlorine content is low, so it is more suitable for the fruits and melons, tobacco and vegetables, its principal characteristics are as follows: 1. High concentration, sufficient nutrient. Except the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium , the product also riches in the fourth major nutritive element-sulfur which is essential to plant. 2. Low chlorine content, nuisance free. 3. High fertilizer efficiency, wide application arrange, obvious function of increasing production. 4. Good performance, low cost, appreciable returns on investment. 5. Wide application arrange: suitable for different varieties, such as wheat, corn, ripe, fruit tree, vegetable and so on field crops and cash crops; neutral physiology, suitable for all kinds of soil types. 6. Good fertilizer efficiency: even grain size, which can satisfy the crops nutrient demand in different physiology times; strong degree of hardness, good water-solubility and no residue, so it can maintain the balance of the soil nutrient, improve soil and enhances the soil productivity. 7. Convenient for fertilization: can choose basal application, dressing, seed dressing, trickle irrigation, etc. 8. Remarkable effect: it can improve the lodging of crops, reduce the damage by disease and insect, increase winter resistance and drought resistance, it also can increase fruit's sugar content and starch content, enhance the seed plumpness and commodity performance.

Urea-base Compound Fertilizer (in conformity with GB15063-2001)
Composition 48% N = 26 P2O5 = 10 K2O = 12
Composition 48% N = 16 P2O5 = 16 K2O = 16
Composition 45% N = 25 P2O5 = 10 K2O = 10
Composition 45% N = 15 P2O5 = 15 K2O = 15
Composition 42% N = 24P2O5 = 8 K2O = 10
Composition 40% N = 28P2O5 = 6 K2O = 6
Composition 40% N = 20 P2O5 = 12K2O = 8
Composition 37% N = 32 K2O = 5
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